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Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

At Family Hearing Center, we provide comprehensive hearing evaluations for our patients. The evaluation is made up of a variety of tests that provide a thorough look at your auditory system.


We charge a flat rate for your exam, which lasts about one hour and often includes:

  • Case History Review

    • Dr. Barnes takes her time to carefully review your case history

    • Our brief case history paperwork helps determine the tests to perform and helps determine an appropriate plan of care and follow-up options  

  • Video-otoscopy

    • Makes sure that your ear canals are clear and that sound can get to your ear drums

    • If earwax is blocking your eardrum, Dr. Barnes can remove the blockage before beginning any further testing 

    • You will see what your ear canals look like on a monitor in front of you, and are provided with pictures to take home

  • Immittance Testing

    • Allows us to make sure that the middle ear system is working appropriately

    • These tests can help us determine if your ears require medical attention

  • Pure tone testing

    • Determines the softest volume you can hear, at different pitches

    • Allows a diagnosis of both the degree of hearing loss, and where in the auditory system the hearing loss occurs

  • Speech recognition thresholds

    • Determines the softest level that you can understand speech

  • Word recognition testing

    • Measures how well you can understand speech when words are presented at a comfortable volume without any background noise

  • Speech-in-noise recognition

    • Measures how well you can understand speech when words are presented at a comfortable volume, but people around you are talking

    • Simulates how you hear in a crowded environment like a busy restaurant


After your exam, Dr. Barnes will go over all results and discuss your plan of care. Any hearing difficulties will be discussed, all of your questions answered, and if necessary a referral will be put in place.


Communication Needs Assessment &

Personalized Treatment

Just as every person has unique needs, so does their auditory system. If a hearing loss is identified, or if you would like to treat your tinnitus, Dr. Barnes will work with you to identify your communication needs and find the best treatment option. We offer a variety of devices to help with your communication and tinnitus needs. 

To learn more about the devices we offer, click here:


Hearing Aid Fitting

A successful hearing aid fitting is a process. The moment the hearing aids are first fit, sound will be different. Different may not necessarily mean good or bad, just different By expressing how the world sounds to you and by allowing your brain to adapt to them over time, we can work together, as a team, to make your life better through hearing better.

At your first hearing aid fitting appointment, we will teach you how to put the devices in and take them out, and change the hearing aid batteries (if non-rechargeable). For first time hearing aid users we will set the devices conservatively, as not to bombard you with the sounds you have been missing.

At the second appointment we will show you how to clean the hearing aids. If you are unable to clean them on your own, we'd be happy to clean them for you whenever you need. We will also adjust the hearing aids so that more sound is present and communication becomes more clear.

At the third appointment, real-ear verification measures will be completed. This allows us to ensure that the sound coming out of the hearing aids matches what is prescribed and recommended by the National Acoustics Laboratories based on your unique hearing needs.We will also adjust the hearing aids so that we ensure your hearing needs are being met.

At your fourth appointment, we will verify that you are comfortable with using the controls and address any further listening needs.


Follow-ups will be scheduled throughout your journey to better hearing.


To see what the different styles of hearing aids look like, click here:


Aural Rehabilitation

Hearing doesn't really happen in our ears, it happens in our brain. Just as your ears will need time to adjust to all the new sounds, so will your brain. Dr. Barnes is happy to walk you through listening exercises, so that your ears and brain may become more accustomed to sound. She is also happy to sit down with any loved ones to go over tips on better communication strategies for both the hearing impaired and the loved one to use.  If you are interested in aural rehabilitation, please request information at one of your fitting or follow-up appointments.


Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, can be treated. A common misconception is that nothing can be done to relieve the bothersome noise. A hearing examination and tinnitus assessment is necessary to move forward with treatment. Dr. Barnes may recommend some tinnitus relieving devices or noisemakers to make the tinnitus less noticeable throughout your daily life. If you or a loved one is bothered by ringing in the ears, please contact us to schedule an appointment. Help is just a phone call away.

Ear Wax (Cerumen) Management


The ear does a great job at making ear wax (cerumen) to keep other foreign bodies out, but sometimes it makes too much! Dr. Barnes is skilled at removing excess cerumen or debris with a soft touch using tools, such as curettes or water (irrigation).